Neu: tune Video – Silent of Season

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Neu: tune Video – Silent of Season

Tune is known now since for over 25 years for its top-quality lightweight construction and surely the one or the other would like to gain insight into the separate production processes. We have almost opened our gate for the Team of “Silent of Season” (Maik-Grosse-Lochtmann and Ralf Kuhl) and let them glance over our shoulders.

We were greatly impressed by the professional work of Maik and Ralf and were astonished at the special-purpose camera, equipment and the meticulous goings-on in our holy halls.

A big thank-you to Maik, Ralf and all participants….it was worth it!

Idee & Konzept: Maik Grosse Lochtmann
Kamera: Ralf Kuhl, Martin Müller, Schoman Djouma, Maik Grosse Lochtmann, Sven Görke
Producer: Maik Grosse Lochtmann
Edit & Mastering: Daddycool
Regie: Maik Grosse Lochtmann, Ralf Kuhl
Flugrealisation: Sven Görke, Stefan Luislampe
Komponist: Sebastian Kretschmar
Fahrer: Markus Schulte Lünzum, Peter Wortmann, Christian Michalski, Armin Hülsdünker, Jürgen Wies, Marcel Pöter