Alexis Vuillermoz on the podium, Cécile in the Top 15, and Cédric is back…

The entire Team was finally reunited this weekend at Houffalize, following travel problems
after the Sea Otter Classic that kept most of the staff from getting to Dalby Forest. As usual,
the Belgium fans were as passionate and enthusiastic as ever!
Cecile had a great start in the women’s race, but the long uphill portion of the start loop was
tough and other riders soon caught up. She didn’t let this discourage her though, and
managed her race well, slowly but surely catching up to and passing the girls in front of her,
including current World Champion Irina Kalentieva. Cecile finished 12th overall, giving her
confidence for the French National Cup race next weekend.
The men’s race started with a huge pile-up just after the start. Cedric and Alexis found
themselves blocked in for the first few seconds, which allowed the head of the race to
breakaway right at the beginning. Alexis managed to recover rather quickly and was in the
Top 10 for the first 3 laps. Cedric was less fortunate and got a flat tire in the first lap. After
a quick pit-stop in the assistance zone, he was off and managed to pass several riders before
finishing 25th (with the 9th best time in the last lap!). Alexis finished 12th overall and 2nd in the
U23 category, adding another World Cup podium to the list.

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