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The thru-axle can no longer be stopped and even on the road bike it is celebrating a triumph. However, exactly here a quick wheel change is very important. A lot of manufacturers have already had several ideas for a simplified system, but so far, no promising solutions have come forth . Together with our long time partners Winora/HAIBIKE we have developed the QC system. The QC requires no thread and it’s operation is quick and intuitive – as well as being light weight and fail-safe. A wheel change is therefore considerably quicker and more race ready!

Detail3The result is a simple pawl mechanism where the axle can be pushed through the hub with the lever in any arbitrary position and an audible “click” is heard when the axle engages on the other side. After this, the lever only needs to be closed. In order to release the front wheel, the lever needs to be opened and on the other side the release buttonpressed, causing the pawls to retract. Then, the axle can be pulled out of the hub.
“Safety was the primary concern in development: In case the lever comes loose accidentally while riding, the construction ensures the hub remains securely held by the axle and it is not possible for the wheel to fall out. The QC12 version is first employed exclusively in the top of the line AFFAIR DISC from Haibike both at the front- and rear-wheel. To establish this patented invention also for other manufacturers, we are providing the possibility for other manufacturers to utilise this Co-Developement between Haibike and Tune in the future as well.

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