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/ Robin & Niklas Wallner: Scandinavian cup-Oppdal, Norway

The team is set to race the last two rounds of the Scandinavian cup and this weekend it was Oppdal, Norway on the schedule.


Both Robin & Niklas knew the track from before and it was almost the same as when they raced there in 2008.

The weatherforecast for the weekend was rain both saturday and sunday but it stayed dry and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun on the long track and enjoying the dry conditions.

After qualifying it was clear that Robin was on it and looking for a win putting in a 4.31 wich was 9 seconds faster then 2nd place wich was Niklas with a 4.40.

In the finals almost everyone bettered their times a lot and Niklas came in as 2nd behind 3rd place qualifier Kim Petersson by a mere 0.14 of a second.

Last man out was Robin who was almost 5 seconds up at split 2 but then had a slip and went down just before one of the last technical sections. He still sprinted in to the finnish into 3rd place missing out on the win by 0.34 of a second.

He was obviously dissapointed being on such a good run and not keeping it together all the way til the end but he schooled a lot of the field and showed a bit of his raw talent by still taking a podium spot.

Still a good weekend for the team with both riders on the podium but anything else then a win is obviously a dissapointment for Robin so the goal is a 1st and 2nd at the cup-finals in Åre.

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