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/ Robin Wallner: Yesterday the Nordic champs took place in Kungsberget-Sweden.

The track was almost brand new and with all the rain we had for the last
weeks it looked pretty miserable when we walked it on friday.

It was however a lot better when you actually rode it and it had a lot
of technical sections where you had to carry speed and also a little bit
of pedaling.

I had a pretty ridiculous crash during morning practice yesterday when i
caught my pedal on a root in one of the last flat bits of the track. It
sent me over the bars and i didn´t put my hands out so i lost breathing
bad and got a sore back and swollen knee from it.

In qualifying i just wanted to have a decent run to have something to
work from for the finals and to really be safe and not crash again.

Seems like it worked out good and i was in first with Matti Lehikoinen
in second just 0.9 of my time.

Niklas has been struggling with a cold and fever for the last days but
he qualified 7th.

In the finals i just knew that i could shave of a couple of seconds and
try to go for it cause i really wanted to win badly and i knew it wasn´t
going to be easy to beat Matti.

I started of by un-clipping in the first woods and somehow i just
couldn´t get it back in again untill i had passed the next little
rock-garden and i sweared that i would never ride clips again.

I caried on good but then as i was about to exit the woods i saw Matti
on the ground next to the track. 100 metres later i almost ran over the
medics who were for some reason running up the track without anyone
putting a red-flag up to stop me.

I got my things together and finnished of strong at the bottom wich
ended up being enough to win by 3.92 seconds.

There should have been a red flag and the race should have been stopped
but things happend a bit to quickly for the marshalls i guess and they
forgot that there was one rider left on track.

Niklas had a few misstakes and just couldn´t get the feel for it with
his cold. He ended up 5th just about 1 second of 3rd place.

The joy of winning wasn´t very long lasting as i pretty quickly
understood that Matti had crashed bad and was seriously injured.

All i realy know is that he hit his head so hard that the helmet
colapsed and he has likely broke his jaw, nose and lost a few teeths.

Hopefully his head-trauma is not as bad as it could be but the last news
i had was that he was in intensive care and under surgery right after
the crash so I will try and visit him today if the hospital will allow me.

I feel so sorry for him that at the moment i haven´t reflected much
about winning the race.

Will be back with some news soon.

// Robin Wallner

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