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Hydration is key

Wasserträger 2.0

The ultralight classic! Our modern bestseller,  design and robust. Our Wasserträger 2.0 hydrates you reliably on all your rides. With our bottle cage you will always stay hydrated to be able to hunt for new records!

The Wasserträger 2.0 has been developed for road and gravel use, for MTB a special version called Wasserträger MTB has been developed.

To be used in combination with our 500ml and 750ml bottles, this bottle cage has been optimised for this special combination.

Wasserträger MTB

Especially designed for rough trail-rides and to fit in modern frames! The Wasserträger MTB is your companion on all rides and holds your bottle securely under all circumstances. It has been especially designed to maintain our 500ml and 750ml bottles well in place, however it is super easy to take over the bottle from each side of the bottlecage.

Its low weight ensures your uphills will feel easier too!


Kleines Rahmendreieck oder Taschen am Rahmen? Kein Problem, unser Linksträger ermöglicht Dir das Ein- und Ausstecken der Flasche von der Seite! So stillst Du in jeder Situation Deinen Durst während der Fahrt!


Same principle as our Linksträger just with access from the other side! Stay in control of your hydration level no matter the size of your frame triangle!

Tune bottle

The most useful bicycle bottle on the market! BPA-free, easy to squeeze and drip-free! Available in two sizes. The clou: the print on the bottle offers valuable tips for hydration and first aid to help you in case of an emergency. Always accessible and a potential life saver!

Set bottle cage & bottle

Also available as a set! Combine your desired bottle cage with the bottle size of your choice and get both as a set for a special price!