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In-house production

The heart of tune

The in-house production is our heart. Here, we turn and mill our precious parts from the best alloys.

Friedhelm and Dennis are responsible for all stages of production, from the raw material to the finished machined component. And they definitely know what they are doing!

First of all, the 3D-CAD models of our products must be translated into executable code for our CNC-machines using modern software. Friedhelm then chooses the right tools and an effective strategy to produce the highest quality component possible.


Once the program has been created, the machine is equipped with the appropriate tools and starts manufacturing. Automation solutions allow the CNC-machines to produce autonomously for several hours.

Using different tools, the desired component is gradually shaped from the raw material. After machining, only about 10 to 15% of the raw material remains as a finished component. The resulting chips are collected and recycled according to type.

When switching from one component to another, the machine must be equipped with different tools and has to be measured in. This set-up process requires time and precision but it ensures the repeatability when producing different components.

Production quality control

During production the tolerances of the components are constantly checked to ensure perfect quality.

For the tightest tolerances, e.g. the housing of bearings in hubs, even an open factory door during winter can lead to dimensional changes. That is why in post-production each hub body is checked to ensure that the required tolerances are met.

For this purpose there is a complete test report for each components. The inspection procedure and the tolerances are noted on the report and guide through the quality control process.

The result

The result of all these steps are our light and durable components. Each part is made with our heart and goes through many hands before you hold it in yours.

At every step we try to get the most out of our product so that you can enjoy countless rides with tune components.