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Hub technology

What makes our hubs so special?

Besides all the love and dedication we put into our hubs the technical facts are convincing too! Our hubs are light and durable. They are easy to service and give every bike that special bling!


It's your ride, why not make it YOUR hub too? Choose every bit of your hub to make it fit you perfectly. Every hub is made to order and adjusted by hand. Even personalized laser etching is possible.


Choose from our 7 anodized colours


Our endcaps cover all standards and are available in either Aluminum or Carbon

Disc brake interface

You have the choice between 6-Bolt or Centerlock* brake interfaces

Ball bearing type

Two types of bearings are available, both sourced from Enduro Bearings:

"Standard" also known as ABEC5 bearings. These high-quality bearings offer reliable performance for a wide range of applications. They are characterized by their precision and durability, making them an excellent choice for riders who value quality.

"Ceramicalso known as XD15 bearings. These ceramic hybrid bearings are known for their exceptional smoothness and durability. XD15 bearings come with a lifetime warranty, making them the ultimate choice for riders who do not want to compromise on performance and reliability. Ideal for use under the most demanding conditions.

Spoke interface

You can choose between classic J-Bend and Straightpull

Freewheel type

We offer three different types of freewheels:

- the ultralight Skyline 3Teeth , with three Titanium pawls, "3T Sky."

- the reinforced Endurance freewheel body, "Endur."

- the 6Teeth, with six Titanium pawls and thus twice as much engagement points,  "6T Sky." 

* CenterLock Bremsscheibenaufnahme lizensiert von Shimano