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Hub accessories

Spare parts and tools for our hubs


Tool 08

The toolset for everybody who wants to service their tune hubs. The included tools enable you to do all service tasks on our hubs yourself. A must for repair shops and the ambitious home mechanic!

Spare parts & conversion kits

1,8mm Spacer

Remove the spacer on your freehub to switch from HG10 to HG11 and from XD to XDR. Simply put the spacer on your freewheel body - then mount the cassette - done!

Bearing set for front hubs

Original replacement bearings for all tune front hubs with 17mm axle or 20mm sleeve. Available in different configurations.

Bearing sets for rear hubs

Original replacement bearings for all tune rear hubs with 17mm axle. Available in different configurations.

Conversion kits for front hubs

New bike with a different axle type? No problem! Our hubs can be converted to fit a different axle type. This kit lets you change the axle standard of your front hub.

Upgrade-Kit to 15x110mm Torque Caps, for KillHill/Princess Boost, 6-bolt

This kit is used to upgrade your Boost front hub to Torque Caps. Easier to install your wheel, stiffer, that's the advantage of Torque Caps!

Conversion kit from 20x110 to 20x110 Boost for 20mm front hub

The axle standard of your 20mm front hub no longer matches your bike? With our conversion kit you can change the axle standard of your hub without tools!

Conversion kits for rear hubs

This kit lets you change the axle type of every 17mm tune rear hub to keep using your precious hubs after a frame change. Available in different configurations.

Freewheel kit

Thanks to the modular design of our hubs the current hub generation can be converted to every freehub standard. This conversion kit includes all the needed parts to perform the conversion.

Endcap replacement right for rear hubs 

Lost or broken your right rear hub endcap? Replace it yourself with this replacement endcap. All standards compatible with Tune hubs are available!

Pawl set

Replacement set of pawls for the freehweel mechanism. The pawls are made from Titanium and are intricately wire-cut.

Pawl spring set

Set of pawl springs to replace worn springs in the freehub mechanism. The springs are made from high quality spring steel and are especially made for our hub mechanism.

Shim Set

Set of inox shims in various thicknesses. The shims are used to adjust the axial play of the hub axle. Always measure and let at least 0.1mm axial clearance for front hubs and 0.2mm for rear hubs. Once set no readjustment is needed.

Shim set for Centerlock brake interface

These slotted shims made especially for Centerlock hubs eliminate the need to adjust the brake when switchting between multiple wheelsets