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Comfortable carbon

Speedneedle 20TWENTY

The anniversary edition of our beloved Speedneedle! Handmade in Germany and extremely comfortable. The Speedneedle 20TWENTY is equipped with minimal padding and covered with leather. The saddle shape is identical to the Speedneedle Marathon. Ideally suited for long distances!

Speedneedle 20TWENTY Alcantara

For everyone who is looking to save a few grams on their padded saddle! The Speedneedle 20TWENTY with Alcantara cover is lighter than the leather version while offering the same great comfort, haptic-quality and durability. The ideal choice for long-distance weight-weenies!


The undisputed lightweight carbon saddle champion - a legend! For more than 20 years Jürgen Mikus has been crafting the Speedneedle for tune. This saddle was ahead of its time and is still today! Beautifully shaped, comfortable and highly durable. The Speedneedle is trusted by countless riders around the globe! Arguably the best selling artisan saddle ever!

Speedneedle Alcantara

Saves precious weight compared to the leather version! Alcantara is an artificial suede that sports ultra-low weight and great abrasion resistance. The matte finish is especially pleasing and suits every bike. The ideal saddle for weight-weenies!

Speedneedle Marathon

Wider saddle shell for better long-distance comfort! Made for those seeking thrill in the longest rides. The Speedneedle Marathon is light, comfortable and robust. Unbeatable sind over 20 years and the saddle of choice for athletes in all categories!


Modern, komm-vortable and extremely light! The saddle shell was especially designed to offer flexibility. That makes the Komm-Vor surprisingly comfortable for long hours in the saddle. Handmade in Germany and available in different colours!


The spiced-up version of our Komm-Vor! The Komm-Vor+ is even lighter and ideally suited for roadbikes. The leather cover was reduced to a minimum to save weight. The saddle shell retains its ergonomic shape and luxurious seat comfort!