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Seat posts

Nice to seat you!

Starkes Stück

The lightweight seatpost-classic! Perfectly shaped, subtle but full of technical know-how. The seat post tube is manufactured from a stock material with special inner profile This enables the low weight while retaining unsurpassed durability. The yoke clamping mechanism is infinitely adjustable and extremely light thanks to optimized parts. The titanium screws are the icing on the cake. The Starkes Stück is available in all tune colours to match you bike perfectly!

Leichtes Stück

How do you make a great product even better? Make it lighter and lighter and lighter! Our Leichtes Stück evolved from the Starkes Stück and lost a significant amount of weight. Time consuming CNC machining above the clamping area removes unneeded material. Positive side effect: the seatpost is not only lighter but also more comfortable while still being impressively durable.

Head for seat-post

Hast Du einen Teil Deiner Sattelstütze verloren? Kein Problem, dafür haben wir dieses Kit!